Hwy 115 and parkway interchange



The City of Peterborough

The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO)


Intersections / Interchanges

In partnership with the City of Peterborough and the MTO, this project included widening of the intersection of Highway 115 (ramps)/The Parkway/Sir Sandford Fleming Drive to accomodate double left turn lanes on two approaches, installation of new channelization/auxiliary lane for the off-ramp and modification at two adjacent City of Peterborough intersections.


The project involved multiple stages with temporary traffic signals for each stage. The intersection uniquely services multiple high speed ramp facilities as well as major arterial streets. Maintenance of full service at the intersections was maintained through construction. The work occurred amongst significant environmentally sensitive features requiring mitigation and protection measures during construction. The project was delivered through a Class Environmental Assessment with a Public Information Centre.


The design included drainage infrastructure to maintain existing natural drainage patterns as well as manage road drainage.

Work also incorporated structural retaining walls to minimize the footprint of the widening.

The project also included improvements to the Sir Sandford Fleming Drive and Fisher Drive/Crawford Drive intersection (pictured above) as well as the Parkway and Crawford Drive intersection, with full pedestrian facilities at each.


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